Maximizing the use of ethical, local, and repurposed materials

to create  beautiful handmade jewelry

to adorn and represent an extension of oneself,  one's armor.

Mother of Gideon.

We love doing personal, bespoke pieces for special occasions. Part of our mission is to make custom beautiful high quality hand crafted pieces accessible.

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All good things come with time. Slow Jewelry. Sustainable, ethical, and unique.

Our jewelry is not mass produced and each piece is made to order. We build our collections on concepts and typically around a type of stone sourced directly from a mine in the USA most often. We are constantly adding pieces to our collections as a never ending work in progress. We do not make jewelry for one time wear or for a season in a year. Our jewelry is made to be worn daily or for occasions, but to be kept forever. This is why we make high quality jewelry, designed for durability, longevity and flexible style. There is a point in history when the idea of disposable fashion became introduced into Western society. Eventually industry adopted this idea and integrated practices supporting and perpetuating more and more production of the same items over and over. Each increase led to the diminishing value of items to us all but also decreasing the quality. As we know this practice has pushed over consumption, led to labor abuses in production chains and is damaging our environment daily.

It is time for us to create and have things we love and keep forever that do not carry the legacy of disposable items, over consumption, labor abuse, or environmental degradation. We don't want the symbol of your love and commitment to hold that legacy, but instead a new legacy celebrating hand made sustainable and ethical jewelry. This is what we know and believe and this is why we are Mother of Gideon.


Mother of Gideon was founded by Charis Elliott and Seth Fainkujen. For both, the past decade has been a journey of hard work, perfecting and defining skill and expertise. Seth has mastered the art of jewelry and has created countless unique luxury pieces. Charis has worked, researched and traveled the globe developing ethical and sustainable business practices for the fashion industry. Mother of Gideon has been established as a vital force to utilize the past ten years into a legacy. Jewelry is unique, something worn everyday, so close to you, it is not just our legacy we are building, but yours. Each piece is built upon a foundation of beliefs that jewelry is not disposable, but is something to be cherished, and made to be worn for generations. Mother of Gideon jewelry is hand made with virtue and complimented with sustainability woven throughout the process. We are featuring and preserving the reviving art of hand crafted goods from the USA. Equally important is that our materials are ethically sourced, local and repurposed, answering the demand and call for ethical, sustainable jewelry. Our creations for you are for legacy and to evoke inspiration and a new found love for handmade goods.

Each piece is designed by Charis and Seth then handmade by Seth, maximizing all possible avenues to use ethical and sustainable materials. 


We use recycled gold and silver. Many of our diamonds are certified conflict free; but more than that we source most of our diamonds from post consumer sources, meaning that they are not only conflict free but also do not contribute to the harmful impacts of diamond mining. 


Gideon was a great warrior with legends of his feats leaving a legacy in the books. Every great warrior has a story, an origin. The legends tell of his Father, but not his Mother. Without a Mother a great warrior would never exist, legends and legacies never made. Without the story the legacy cannot continue. Our name represents our aim to create and carry a legacy, our story, your story, and the story of the origins of Mother of Gideon jewelry. Part of this is knowing where elements or materials of a piece come from, the origin. We aim to tell this story by sharing the origin of metals and stones as well as integrating your story into the design of your custom piece, to create your legacy.

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